Tricks To Play Dragon Tiger 100% Guaranteed Win

Tricks To Play Dragon Tiger 100% Guaranteed Win

Dragon tiger online casino game is one type of game that has a long history, where the way to play is almost like baccarat.

Where in general this type of dragon tiger game uses playing cards as a medium to play, apart from that this type of online casino game is also one of the games.

In addition to having an easy playing procedure for every beginner bettor to understand, of course the advantage of the dragon tiger game is that it provides a large enough chance of winning for each member.

Although the odds of winning each bettor reach 80%, it is not uncommon for many casino gambling fans to always look for tricks to play Dragon Tiger through various sources of information such as online gambling forums.

This is of course done so that every bettor has a higher win rate when playing on the Asia Gaming site online 24 hours, when compared to players who only bet by relying on large capital and instinct when playing.

Before starting to discuss the tricks of playing Dragon Tiger, it’s a good idea to know what terms are in this type of dragon tiger game as follows.

Tricks to Play Dragon Tiger Online to Keep Winning

Before discussing about winning tricks in playing dragon tiger, it’s a good idea for players to learn some terms in it so that you can increase your winning percentage. As follows :

Odd = A bet on the dragon tiger game by guessing whether the card number is odd, this bet can be made on the dragon or tiger side.
Even = The opposite of the odds bet of course, where the player guesses correctly whether the dragon or tiger has an even number.
Dragon = The type of installation that depicts a dragon, where if the dragon card is higher than the tiger you automatically win.
Tiger = Bet that has a tiger image, if the value on the tiger is higher than the dragon then you automatically get a win.
Tie = For players who bet on a tie, then the sum of the numbers from the dragon and tiger must have the same value or draw.
Those are some terms in playing dragon tiger, after reading the summary above then you can read and understand the tricks that we provide below.

Tips for Winning Dragon Tiger Live Casino Games Online

Tips for Winning Dragon Tiger Live Casino Games Online

In the Dragon Tiger game, each player certainly has a large enough chance of winning, because this game provides a chance to win for each player on a 1:1 scale.

So it’s not a strange thing anymore if many bettors at site prefer to play this type of online casino gambling, besides being easy to play, of course they can get money in a short time.

But the name of playing online Asian Gaming casino gambling still has a fairly large risk of defeat, therefore in order to be able to get wins in a row.

You should follow some of the tricks that will be shared by trusted Asian Gaming agents such as Kartugol in this article, below are the tricks needed to get as much profit as possible from the dragon tiger game.

> The first step to be able to get for sure is, players are advised not to be tempted to place tie bets because the chance of winning is very small.
> Always preparing a large capital if you want to get a big win is common, by doing this you certainly don’t need to be afraid of losing because the chance of winning for each bettor is 50%.
> Doing the tactic of multiplying betting capital in this way, of course, you can get big wins, because this method is one of the tricks most often used by professional players.
> Always observe the game first before deciding to play, by reading the results that often come out of course you can make your predictions more precisely so that it is easy to win.