How To Win Baccarat Using The Biometric Formula

How To Win Baccarat Using The Biometric Formula

As a professional gambler around the world of online gambling. You’ve probably often heard about biometric baccarat formulas, right? A formula that many people use to find victory when playing casino gambling like baccarat. If you have never used this formula before to win a game or have never heard of it before. So you have to complete the steps to win in this baccarat game.

What Is The Online Baccarat Biometric Formula?

Basically This biometric formula is suitable for games such as Sic Bo and Roulette that do not have up to 5% of the bookmaker’s bet load in Baccarat. However, if you are clever in using this formula, Of course, this formula can be applied anywhere the game is played.

The baccarat biometric formula, which is often referred to as the 1-3-2-6 strategy, is one strategy for making huge profits from gambling games. To use this strategy You will play according to the size of the bet you place. Still confused? Let’s move on. The biometric formula strategy has been tested and used by almost all online casino players. What makes many people use this technique is because the win rate for this technique can be as high as 99%.

Formula For Accurate Biometric Calculations In Baccarat

If you are a beginner, it is better to play punto banco, and for those who are a little more professional, it is better to choose baccarat banque. For your information, Baccarat gambling really follows traditional mathematical theories. You as a gambler can bet on the number on the player’s or banker’s card that is closest to the total of 9. You can also bet on a draw or tie if you are sure that the banker’s or player’s card is of the same value.

Baccarat Formula

in online baccarat Players can act as players or bankers. and each person receives eight decks of cards. The card values ​​in Baccarat are J,Q,K with a value of 10, AS with a value of 1, and cards 2-9 have the basic value as shown by the cards. Once you understand the value of the cards in baccarat gambling, you can predict winning formulas and patterns.

How To Use The Baccarat Biometric Formula

Using this biometric formula becomes very easy and simple on This is because you have to follow the Baccarat pattern given, which is 1-3-2-6. For example, if in the first round you win 10,000 from the banker, try formula 1 of the 1-3-2-6 system, which means After winning You will have to go through 1 round. After that in the next round you will have to place the same bet on the same selection.

Therefore, if you bet on the first round, you must skip the second round. After that, place another round like the first round. If so you have to stop for the next 3 rounds, and on the fourth round you just start again. Easy enough, right? That’s right, because it turns out that this technique is very simple. But the question is what happens if you lose that round? The winning percentage using this biometric formula is 1%, however, the defeat cannot be underestimated. If you encounter setbacks when using this biometric formula You need to find an immediate solution by playing using the very famous double fold formula, The Martingale.

Baccarat Online

Basically, it is not recommended to use logic in online baccarat gambling. It is a good idea for you to study the available game formats. If you are still confused, below are the predicted odds of winning at online baccarat. Check reviews:

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  • When you as a player can read below 5, try attacking immediately.
  • When you are in a condition where the dealer can win four times in a row. It is better for players to reduce the betting value. And if the dealer wins up to five times Players should stop playing.
  • If one hand can read eight or nine cards. Existing rules require both hands to stand.
  • Observe when the banker will attack. If one of the player’s cards stands because their hand reads six or higher The dealer will accept a hand of five or less. And if the player reaches the hit conditions, it depends on the hit value of the player or the dealer’s card.
  • When the player’s third card is 9,10 or an ace, the dealer can draw when he has 0-3 while still having 4-7.

That’s how to win baccarat using the biometric formula. Hopefully this biometric formula will help you win in your favorite baccarat game.

Understand In Blackjack Online Before You Start Playing

Who is it that until now still doesn’t understand what a blackjack game is. Through a system of playing blackjack cards which is not really difficult, this game can be easily accepted by several groups. Just like poker, it’s not surprising that blackjack is one of the most popular games played at casinos. Blackjack is also one of the most popular playing card games played. Because it’s not just an easy way to play blackjack, it seems that if you understand it it’s not difficult to win a blackjack game.

Games similar to the number 21 are also widely adapted in novels or films. Just mention the film adapted from a real narrative with the title “21” which was released in 2005. This film about six MIT students who can earn big profits by playing blackjack is so well wrapped. What’s more, for those who don’t know how to play blackjack, you can still taste this film safely. Because of this film, more and more people are interested in the game of blackjack and of course looking for ways to play blackjack cards.

Tutorial How to Play Blackjack Cards

It must be admitted that we also got a lot of determination to review how to play blackjack at this place. It seems that many readers of this site are interested in blackjack requirements and how to play blackjack. At first, after we reviewed how to play roulette and several other casino games, it seems that there is always something missing. Therefore, in this post, we will review a complete tutorial on how to play blackjack on gambling sites.

For us, blackjack is a game that is easy to understand but hard to understand. The blackjack game will be simpler than poker, because in this game you don’t need to memorize the card position status. The requirements are also not really complicated, so that you master the picture, there are some blackjack requirements that are important for you to know.

Online Blackjack Game Requirements

This game played with playing cards is quite unique when compared to other casino games. The main goal in the blackjack game is to get a card up to a value of 21. Unlike other games, in blackjack you need to match your cards with a dealer.

If you have a card with a value of over 21 then you are considered to have lost, even though the card has a dealer who goes through a value of 21. Furthermore, if the card you have for example is only worth 20 and the dealer’s card is 17 then you are considered to have won. Because the value of your card is closer to the number 21 than the dealer’s card.

Card Value in the most trusted online Blackjack Game

The blackjack requirement that you must know next is the card value. As mentioned earlier if your card value can’t go through 21. Until you don’t understand how to calculate card values, it will definitely be difficult to play blackjack. In short, the value on the blackjack card is the same as the value listed on the card. We also want to recommended you to play blackjack online at this site which has been proven to be trusted and of course safe.

So 5 of spades is 5 of hearts, 7 of hearts and 10 of 10 clubs. The following jacks, queens and kings have values like 10. The ace bag has two values: 1 or 11. The holder of the ace card can correct the value of the card either 1 or 11 depending on the circumstances. To make it easier, please:

Here are the facts why Blackjack is often depicted by aces and jacks. Because the 2 cards will immediately be worth 21 and the player who has the card wins immediately. If at the beginning of the game you immediately get a blackjack (a combination of As + 10) then you will get a payout of 1.5x. For example, if you bet 500,000 and immediately get a blackjack, it means you win 750,000.

Blackjack is a game that is usually played by 2 to 7 people at 1 table. Each player will play against the dealer, so you don’t have to pay attention to the other players’ cards again. At the start of the game, the dealer will deal two cards to the player and two cards to the player at the same time. The player and dealer usually have two up (up) cards.

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Big Advantages Of Online Roulette Games

Big Advantages Of Online Roulette Games

When playing gambling games, people who play bets and also understand the gambling games being played in order to win the game and make a profit. The advantages of gambling games are basically using something of value which is usually real money as a bet and if you win the game you will get the profit of the bet that was placed.

Gambling games themselves have undergone many changes and developments that make it easier for players to play where the changes that can be found are more and more games that can be played with different rules. Meanwhile, this change can also be said to be a development that in addition to increasing gambling games, playing gambling games can also be facilitated by playing online using the player’s smartphone / computer.

Online gambling games are now a game played by many people hoping to win the game to get a big profit. In addition to big profits, there are also many gambling games that can be played so that each person wants to try to find the right game with what is in front of him. Of the many types of gambling games, players can play the game that we will discuss this time, namely online roulette

What Benefits Can You Get From Online Roulette Games

What Benefits Can You Get From Online Roulette Games

Online roulette games themselves can be played on online gambling game sites created by online casino game bookies so that players can play safely and comfortably, including risking betting capital which will be developed into profits.

The online roulette game itself is no different from the usual roulette game that is already known to many people, namely guessing the number / color that appears from throwing a small ball onto a small wheel that contains a column of numbers and colors. But from this simple game, there are many advantages that can be obtained from online roulette games, including:

1. Play Roulette More Efficiently

In the past, before the existence of online roulette games, players could only play at live casinos or game venues that provided this game. But with a bookie who makes a site that provides online roulette games, players who want to play can simply use their smartphone or computer to play and become a member of the site.

2. Opportunity to Get Big Profit

In addition to being able to play only using a smartphone which is a tool that is often in hand, players can also get huge real money benefits from online roulette games. How about not? The roulette game itself offers a very large advantage of up to 35:1 from betting bets, players can predict and place bets on a certain number that will be the result of the game.

3. Can Join Bonuses That Give Additional Benefits

Players who play roulette on sites that provide online roulette games can also take part in bonuses if any are provided for the game of roulette. If there is a bonus from playing online casino roulette games that can be seen from the terms and conditions, then players can get the benefits offered if they manage to meet the terms and conditions of the bonus.

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Blackjack Mistakes – Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Strategy

Blackjack Mistakes - Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Strategy

Top 5 Blackjack Strategy Mistakes

Blackjack is – above all – a card strategy game. Luck definitely plays a part in the outcome of each spin. However, it is your skills as a card player that will allow you to finish first or succumb to pressure and lack of knowledge. In blackjack, whether you are playing at one of the UK’s online casino sites or the RNG version, your every move will have a certain value which will depend on the situation.

Top 5 Blackjack Strategy Mistakes

1 – Choose insurance

Consider insurance is one of the most common blackjack mistakes in player strategy and is rarely worth considering, much less doing. This feature is available if the card facing the dealer is an Ace. If he is going to do a hypothetical blackjack, paying half of your bet amount for insurance, if he loses, it will cover your loss at 2:1.

However, the dealer’s odds of hitting blackjack are statistically proven to be 9 to 4. If you count them here, you’ll find that in the long run, you will actually lose more by taking out insurance only if you spread it. Next time you’re in this situation, think about the big picture and don’t go on this adventure because it’s just not worth it.

2 – Choose to stand on 12, when the dealer displays 2 or 3

Here, the smartest thing is to knock, rather than stand. This is the reason. If you interview most people, they will tell you that the reason behind the decision is the risk of collapsing. In addition, cards 2 through 6 are often referred to as “dealer knockdown cards”. Why? Because it is very likely that the dealer will go over 21. By standing at 12, the bettor may avoid the possibility of going bankrupt before the dealer. There are a few math scenarios here that you should follow and here are the general rules to follow.

If your total is 13, when the broker shows 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, the right decision is to stand because you don’t want to take their excitement away from the breakout. Likewise, with 12 and cards 4, 5 and 6, it is also a good move to stay upright. On the other hand, with 2 or 3, it is better to hit. There are bound to be some cards in the deck that will work against you and cause you to lose your hand. However, there are twice as many that will fix it. Therefore, do yourself a favor and bet on your odds. Then you’re definitely not going to make one of the ten biggest blackjack mistakes.

3 – Choose to take path 17 soft

This is one of the ten most common blackjack strategy mistakes and rules of thumb in the game books. Never stand on a void 17. First of all, in play, slack 17 refers to a combination of Aces, worth 11, and 6. It looks like this hand is pretty good to stand on and we understand why you might think that this is the case. However, the reality is a little different and you have to lose more money on the spot than when you hit.

You can think about it from a dealer and casino point of view. The dealer should get a leeway of 17 because this increases the house edge and therefore the casino advantage. If it’s more profitable for a gambling room to bet on soft 17, why isn’t it the same from a player’s point of view? Regardless of the type of blackjack, never go against a soft 17.

Choose not to duplicate 11

4 – Choose not to duplicate 11

Doubling refers to the process of doubling your initial bet, in return you will receive an additional card for your hand. The general rule is to always double the bet on 11 because there is a good chance that you will get a 10 from the game and get a blackjack. There are exceptions where you are not allowed to double bet and this will happen when the dealer shows an Ace, which involves 17 soft hands.

Here are the rules that you should pay attention to when choosing a table. Some casinos require the dealer to hit soft 17, while others require them to stand. If you know a hit is coming, then you need to double the bet. If the dealer wants to stand, then the player must hit in the usual way. Any blackjack expert will tell you that – if you have a choice – always choose a table where the dealer must stand on a soft 17. Your chances as a player will increase slightly.

5 – Choose to divide by 10

This last of the ten biggest blackjack strategy mistakes is a big one. You get a pair of 10s, and in the same way as splitting Aces, many bettors believe that splitting 10s, especially when the dealer has cards face up from 2 to 6, will allow them to get more prizes. because there are more hands in play, but there is little difference.

A pair of 10s is already 20 of the 21 required for blackjack. This is already a pretty tough hand to beat and the stats back it up. The marginal difference between the two scenarios is huge in favor of non-splits and it shows that if a player drops out, he risks losing 53 pounds for every 100 pounds wagered. Talk about a bad move.

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Tricks To Play Dragon Tiger 100% Guaranteed Win

Tricks To Play Dragon Tiger 100% Guaranteed Win

Dragon tiger online casino game is one type of game that has a long history, where the way to play is almost like baccarat.

Where in general this type of dragon tiger game uses playing cards as a medium to play, apart from that this type of online casino game is also one of the games.

In addition to having an easy playing procedure for every beginner bettor to understand, of course the advantage of the dragon tiger game is that it provides a large enough chance of winning for each member.

Although the odds of winning each bettor reach 80%, it is not uncommon for many casino gambling fans to always look for tricks to play Dragon Tiger through various sources of information such as online gambling forums.

This is of course done so that every bettor has a higher win rate when playing on the Asia Gaming site online 24 hours, when compared to players who only bet by relying on large capital and instinct when playing.

Before starting to discuss the tricks of playing Dragon Tiger, it’s a good idea to know what terms are in this type of dragon tiger game as follows.

Tricks to Play Dragon Tiger Online to Keep Winning

Before discussing about winning tricks in playing dragon tiger, it’s a good idea for players to learn some terms in it so that you can increase your winning percentage. As follows :

Odd = A bet on the dragon tiger game by guessing whether the card number is odd, this bet can be made on the dragon or tiger side.
Even = The opposite of the odds bet of course, where the player guesses correctly whether the dragon or tiger has an even number.
Dragon = The type of installation that depicts a dragon, where if the dragon card is higher than the tiger you automatically win.
Tiger = Bet that has a tiger image, if the value on the tiger is higher than the dragon then you automatically get a win.
Tie = For players who bet on a tie, then the sum of the numbers from the dragon and tiger must have the same value or draw.
Those are some terms in playing dragon tiger, after reading the summary above then you can read and understand the tricks that we provide below.

Tips for Winning Dragon Tiger Live Casino Games Online

Tips for Winning Dragon Tiger Live Casino Games Online

In the Dragon Tiger game, each player certainly has a large enough chance of winning, because this game provides a chance to win for each player on a 1:1 scale.

So it’s not a strange thing anymore if many bettors at site prefer to play this type of online casino gambling, besides being easy to play, of course they can get money in a short time.

But the name of playing online Asian Gaming casino gambling still has a fairly large risk of defeat, therefore in order to be able to get wins in a row.

You should follow some of the tricks that will be shared by trusted Asian Gaming agents such as Kartugol in this article, below are the tricks needed to get as much profit as possible from the dragon tiger game.

> The first step to be able to get for sure is, players are advised not to be tempted to place tie bets because the chance of winning is very small.
> Always preparing a large capital if you want to get a big win is common, by doing this you certainly don’t need to be afraid of losing because the chance of winning for each bettor is 50%.
> Doing the tactic of multiplying betting capital in this way, of course, you can get big wins, because this method is one of the tricks most often used by professional players.
> Always observe the game first before deciding to play, by reading the results that often come out of course you can make your predictions more precisely so that it is easy to win.


Basic Rules of Live Roulette Game

Basic Rules of Live Roulette Game

If you don’t know what you’re doing, chances are you’ll be torpedoed before you even have a chance to start enjoying the live casino experience.

So, to help you get on the right track faster, we have compiled a list of the top online roulette game basic rules that will help you improve your game. Similarly, if you are a seasoned player and want some new betting tips this is the right place for you!

1) Know Your Opportunities

Know Your Opportunities

This is one of the easiest live roulette hacks to follow, as it requires very little attention from the player. Knowing the odds of each bet before you play a live casino game is very important, as it plays a role in several Live Roulette strategies, helps you know where to put your money depending on your bankroll and tells you the easiest way to win.

As a general rule, outside bets – bets consisting of grouped numbers and colors such as black, odds or dozens have lower odds, which means they are more likely to appear on the wheel. For example, a bet on red has 1:1 odds which effectively gives you a 50% chance of being right, but the payout is quite low. Or it could be an inside bet – a bet on a certain number of collections of a certain number and has higher odds and a much bigger payout.

2) Choose Your Game Wisely

Knowing which online or live roulette game you want to play is fundamental to the roulette experience. You’ll definitely appreciate knowing the differences between game types, such as American and European roulette, because variety can have a huge effect on how you play and how much you can win!

Before you commit to a game, always read the rules and understand the basic mechanics, because you don’t want to put down a huge deposit only to find out that the game is not for you.

3) Check Game Rules

These Live Roulette rules are closely related to choosing your game, although you may have to join the live casino lobby to ensure that your provider enforces them. Basically, this rule allows you to reset your bet if the ball lands on zero. So, for example, if you bet £10 on black and the ball lands on zero, your bet will carry over to the next round.

4) Set Target

It’s very simple. Before you sit down to play Live Roulette make sure you know your goal, you are there to have fun and make money or bonuses. Too many players are greedy and continue to play way past the point where they should have stopped, trying to recover from losses and squandering their potential winnings in the process.

If you’re full and all is well, then go! Similarly, if this isn’t your day, then you should know when to leave the lobby and save your money for another time.

5) Learn Betting Strategy

Learn Betting Strategy

The last thing in live roulette at is to learn a decent betting strategy, such as the Martingale, D’Alembert or Paroli strategy. While this is not 100% effective, it can be a good starting point for learning the basics of bankroll management and betting.

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With these 5 Roulette Game Rules, we hope you are better prepared to take on the live dealers and play for the win. Check out the live casino lobbies on trusted sites to get started!

Minimal Capital Is Not a Problem to Play Sicbo Online

Minimal Capital Is Not a Problem to Play Sicbo Online

Even though you don’t have a lot of capital, there are various ways that you can use to play sicbo gambling online. In online gambling games, there are many important things that every player must pay attention to, including capital. Capital is an important part that you cannot ignore when playing online casino gambling.

This capital is also one aspect of the ability of an online casino gambling player or rather is financial ability. If you have a lot of capital, placing sic bo gambling bets many times will not be a problem so that the chance of winning is greater. It’s a different story when your playing capital for online sic bo gambling is limited.

Tips for Playing Sicbo Online Gambling with Small Capital

For those of you who have obstacles regarding capital in playing online casino gambling such as sic bo and so on, there are some tips that are guaranteed to be very useful. When you have little capital to play sic bo gambling, playing styles and strategies must be adjusted. You can understand what tips and how to adjust the game you can understand in the description below.

First, as an online gambling player who wants to be successful you must be smart and thorough. This is also needed when you manage capital whether it is related to getting or using the capital to play. Every time you play online casino gambling, especially sic bo, you have to make careful preparations both physically and mentally.
If the capital you have is limited, then it is better to use this capital carefully. You have to do an analysis every time you enter the online dice betting table. The next tip, you have to place a bet with an amount that is far below the total capital because it will help the continuity of your sic bo gambling game.

The Right Strategy for Winning Sic Bo Online with Small Capital

The Right Strategy for Winning Sic Bo Online with Small Capital

In addition you can visit our blog to applying some of the tips above, there are also several strategies you can learn to win online sic bo gambling with small capital. The first strategy is a playing save strategy or playing it safe by placing a sic bo bet that has a big chance of winning. Although the benefits are not too big, if you are consistent it will definitely promise.

The second surefire strategy to win in sic bo bets with small capital is the one side betting strategy. There are several types of sic bo bets that have a 50% chance of winning such as odd, even and small. This means that there are only two possibilities that will occur when you place one of these bets, namely winning or losing.

For example, on odd-even bets, you can choose odd-number bets from start to finish. What you need to do next is to vary the number of online sic bo gambling bets in each round. This strategy is similar to the one side betting strategy which is often done in online baccarat gambling games or other online gambling that does not have many variations of bets.

Every player has the right to set the methods and strategies that are considered necessary to play online casino gambling, including sic bo. This online dice gambling game which has many betting options is also a well-known online gambling game so there are many guidelines that you can learn. Even with a small capital, you can still play Sicbo online gambling.



If you want to start playing online baccarat, you should understand the article that has been made regarding the mistakes when playing online casino baccarat that you should avoid.

In the online casino baccarat game at a live casino, of course, it has become a bet that has been in great demand by all players in all parts of the world. Of course, in the type of bet that uses card media to be able to play this game, it has been played a lot and is even very popular with all online gambling players.

Mistakes When Playing Casino Baccarat Online That You Should Avoid

Of course, by playing in this game, it is certain that every player will be able to very easily achieve an advantage in order to get the desired victory. However, it is possible that a lot of people make mistakes when playing baccarat at a live casino.

For players who want to win very easily, there are also various ways that can be explained about tricks or strategies for playing a game. However, of all that has been circulating on the internet, most of them only teach to be able to win.

Therefore, it is very rare for players to tell bad things that players should avoid when placing bets on online baccarat betting. Indeed, getting a win is the most important thing, but there are times when players need to know some important things that must be avoided in order to get a definite advantage.

Of course, when players make bets and experience continuous losses, the player must have made a lot of mistakes when betting online baccarat which of course the players must pay attention to.

3 Mistakes When Playing Casino Baccarat Online

3 Mistakes When Playing Casino Baccarat Online

So, some of the online baccarat gambling mistakes that players should avoid are as follows:

Playing Games Blindly

Of course in this type of thing is one thing that really should be avoided for all players when making a bet. So every player is strongly advised to play online baccarat very carefully when playing online baccarat betting, and of course when placing bets you must also be very careful in making predictions and also analyzing thoroughly.

Have a Reasonable Winning Target

In having a winning target, this is of course the most important thing in making live casino bets on the type of online baccarat game. For example, when players want to play a game and have an initial balance of 1 million rupiah, then the players set a target with a winning amount of 20 million rupiah.

Things like that, of course, are very impossible to do, on the contrary it will make the players feel more frustrated and increasingly unable to focus when making these bets.

Making bets when you’re in a bad mood

The mood or mood of these players is a very important factor for players to pay attention to when making live casino bets on this type of online baccarat game.

Because by playing the game when the mood is very good, of course the players will be able to very easily analyze the course of the game well and it is also very easy to do.

However, the opposite will happen if players place bets when the mood of the players is bad. So of course the players will place bets in an irregular, erratic way and of course it will be very fatal.

Placing bets when you are in a crowd

Placing bets while in a crowd will certainly reduce the concentration of these players. Because concentration in this game is something that is also very important for every player, in order to get very good results when making live casino bets on this type of online baccarat gambling game.

In the absence of such concentration from the players, of course the players will get what they need when they are in the game, and of course when playing in a very crowded place this will be able to make the concentration of the players disperse. So that the players will experience continuous defeat while making bets.

Hoping Too Much for Luck

It is very true that luck is a very absolute key and also certainly will not be owned by all players who make bets on online baccarat gambling. So for players at who are still beginners, it’s better to do strategies and tricks that players can predict by observing the betting rules carefully.

So that players can be more accustomed to using strategies and tricks in playing games and can also win in this online baccarat gambling bet, so it’s not just relying on luck.

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Currently, a trusted online casino site is foreign to the people of Indonesia. Live casino and you can play for free in slotdemo. There is a trusted online and many games that have been provided. Make everyone interested in playing and decide bets on the games that are in it. Including the available bonuses, it will certainly make players more satisfied to play Indonesian online casino gambling.

If the player wants to play a trusted online casino properly and correctly. So first you have to join a trusted online casino agent in Indonesia. And the many enthusiasts of online casino gambling players on this one, will make the best online casino agent have to provide a hosting server with the highest speed so that players can experience the game without any more.

Registration is easy, because new players only fill out the registration form and it has been provided in the complete guide so that players will have no trouble registering to become members in it. For deposits, we don’t need to worry, it’s just enough to make an initial deposit transaction on our playing account (ID) so players can enjoy many games that take advantage of the financial benefits provided by the dealer.

Tips to Win Playing Live Casino Online

For players who want to get an advantage in every game, there are several ways to play that we should know. Here are several ways to win playing online casino gambling in the following ways:

1. Follow the game well

When we are playing a trusted online casino, we don’t only understand the game, but other players must master the game properly. When you haven’t mastered the game, there is no need to move around playing other online casino gambling. So that we can enjoy the game properly and well.

2. Having enough playing capital

We as players definitely want to win. So we have to prepare enough capital to play. By bringing sufficient capital, of course we will increasingly be able to play with a lot of games and also hone skills in playing to make it even better.

3. Have Patience In Playing

When playing online gambling, it does not only measure the continuous winnings in each game, but players will also experience defeat. When we experience defeat, there is no need to get emotional with the game because it will only make us worse off so that we will feel the next loss. Holding our Emotions to be more focused on winning in the next game.

From the explanation above, about how to play live casino online in Indonesia properly and correctly. We can conclude if we have to master the game, by using enough playing capital and being patient when playing after the bet. Hopefully the suggestions this time can be useful and help players to easily get wins and profits.

Tips And Tricks To Win Playing Dragon Tiger Online For Beginners

Tips And Tricks To Win Playing Dragon Tiger Online For Beginners

But for beginners it may be very difficult to win the game. So therefore on this occasion I will explain about how to easily play dragon tiger online gambling.

But before you know about the tricks to win playing dragon tiger, it would be nice to know how to play it first. Basically, the dragon tiger game uses playing cards totaling 52 cards, and having different values. Such as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 J, Q, K, A where each value has 4 cards and 4 symbols.

Actually the game of dragon tiger is almost the same as playing baccarat, which uses playing cards. However, the game of dragon tiger is better packaged, so that players can easily understand it. And has a very easy structure, to win in playing.

Basic steps on how to play Dragon Tiger Online

As explained above, the game of dragon tiger is almost the same as playing baccarat, which is using playing cards. Even though the game display of dragon tiger is almost the same as baccarat, that doesn’t mean the way to play it is the same. Of course there is such a thing as a difference, like playing baccarat you will get a second and third card in playing it. Where the dragon tiger only gets one card, which will not get the second or third in playing.

In the dragon tiger game, players will only get one card, which is distributed by the dealer. All players have the right to choose a betting place that consists of three choices, namely dragon, tiger and tie, of course, they must choose one of them. Where the banker will distribute one card to the dragon or tiger, and later determined who has the highest score. Where the highest score in the game is K [king] and the lowest is A [ace].

The wins in dragon and tiger games are 1 to 1 as an example. The player places a bet on a dragon or tiger then the winnings are worth 1 to 1 like. If you install 100,000, you will win 100,000 not cut by the dealer. But if the player places a bet on a tie the payout is 1 in 10 as an example. Players place bets on a tie of 100,000, then they will get paid 1000,000, of course, the winnings are bigger.

Actually playing dragon tiger is very profitable. Because in dragon and tiger there is no deduction or commission that is shared. But if the player places a bet on the tie, there will be a 50% discount in the game. For example, if the player places 100,000, the winnings will be deducted by 50%, the payment is only 50,000. After getting to know how to play the dragon tiger game, then you have to know the tricks of the game so you can easily win.

Tips and tricks for playing Dragon Tiger Online are easy to win for beginners

At first glance, the dragon tiger game only relies on luck in playing. But you should know that if players always rely on luck, they will rarely win bets. Therefore, in this game, dragon tiger gambling must have strategies and tricks to play so that you don’t always rely on luck. Okay, just get on with it if you are already curious to know the tricks to make it easy to win in playing draon tiger.

1. The first trick in dragon tiger games that you must do is never to place your bet on the TIE.

Although indeed the tie bet offers a large enough win, the chance of winning in a tie is very small. It can be seen that in playing most players place bets on dragons or tigers. Where there is a very big possibility to get a win, even though what is offered is not too big but there is a possibility that you will win it.

2. The second trick in playing dragon tiger is to prepare a large enough capital to play.

Where if you have a large enough capital you can take advantage of the odds which amount to 1: 1. With a large capital you don’t have to worry about losing, because in a dragon tiger game the bets will return quickly. But you don’t want to be complacent in the game, because it can make a loss for those who play dragon tiger gambling.

In the dragon tiger game, if you lose I suggest you have to increase the bet. Like the first example, betting a total of 50,000 and is declared a loser, so that’s where to increase the bet like 100,000. Why did it happen? because if you lose to install 50,000 then prepare to install the next one with an amount of 100,000 for example. Because installing twice as much if you win, the winnings you get will be even greater and can cover the first defeat.

3. The third trick in playing dragon tiger that you have to do is, observe before the game starts.

After choosing a table it would be better if you observe before placing a bet. Because in playing dragon tiger often gets consecutive wins, watch the cards that come out. For example, if a dragon card comes out, then keep betting on the dragon.

But if the tiger is out then I suggest you keep betting on. Because as I have explained, in the game dragon tiger can get consecutive wins. If you bet that dragon or tiger has won 5 to 6 times, then it’s time to be careful when placing bets. I suggest you choose a different bet, or skip the bet if it is not yet convincing to bet.

Those are the three tricks that are in the dragon tiger game so that they can be used to play. You must play this trick if you want to win the bet in playing. Because maybe this trick can help in the game, but you have to be patient and relaxed to play so that your concentration is always maintained. Most likely if you can be patient, you will win the dragon tiger game.

Maybe that’s all I can explain about how to play and be interested in winning the dragon tiger game. Hopefully it’s useful for those of you who are beginners who want to play dragon tiger gambling. If you are interested in playing dragon tiger through an online site then I suggest choosing a trusted gambling agent first. Because in online gambling games it is very important that the name of an agent is to determine your victory in playing.